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Western Digital WD 3TB Red NAS Hard Drive Data Recovery

One of our latest Data Recovery jobs on a Western Digital 3TB Red series. How much abuse can a Western Digital ( WD 3TB NAS, Red ) take. It seems quite a lot. This data recovery took quite some skill to get the data of. The WD was housed in an external enclosure and somebody spilled cover over it. While panicking the western digital drive was also knocked of the desk to prevent further water damage. Those accidents can happen and unfortunately the hard drive contained a lot of valuable business data and need a data recovery job. When the WD hard drive came in to our United Kingdom, Belfast office it made grinding noises and couldn’t not be identified.

We hooked it up to our DeepSpar DDI imaging data recovery tools and you can see in the 2nd pictures a lot of yellow blocks. Those blocks with good data should be green but this drive only read yellow. At that stage, a head replacements in our clean room was required. Upon inspection in our clean room the hard drive plates didn’t show any sign of scratches which is a good think. The hard drive reading heads where securely transferred over from a working hard drive to the donor one. There was no sign of water damage to the plate only to the mainboard (PCB). Our data recovery procedure for water damage is a bath in an ultra-sonic cleaner for a couple minutes to remove corrosions and replace fuses if required. All went well. The new heads where reading better (green sectors, 3rd picture) and we could image the whole drive after that with about 99% of his data back in less than 2 days. Such damages and the data recovery job involved with it can be quite expensive and this job totalled to about £350 + VAT.

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