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Western Digital My Passport 1TB Bad Heads

Western Digital my passport ultra 1TB data recovery service in the UK. This Monday we had WD my passport ultra in for data recovery. It was accidental dropped and made quite a bit of grinding and clicking sounds. At that stage, there is nothing you can do anymore and you need a professional data recovery service to get your data back. With this patient, it was quite obvious that it would need new reading heads to have any hope of recovering data from it. We keep most models in stock and within 30 minutes in our clean room we swapped the old broken WD my passport reading heads with new one.

The surgery went well and the external hard drive came back to life but still quite unstable. From poor reading at a round 4mb/s the drive was now performing well over 100mb/s but still was not in the best shape. It took another 4 hours to get the drive fully imaged and after that we still had to reconstruct the file system. Do you have a WD my passport that doesn’t read anymore and you need the data off it? We can help you with our professional data recovery service any day of the week. We never charge for looking at a hard drive or asking for money upfront. Accidents can happen and most of the time they happen late at night or on the weekend.

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