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Western Digital 1TB My Passport Data Recovery

We seem to get quite a few Western Digital 1TB my book drives lately to recover files and photos. We are able to recover data from WD drives and have a very high success rate. This one came in after being dropped and contain valuable photos and business documents the customer needed as soon as possible back. No problem at all since we offer a 24/7 service and stay in late until we get the job done. Dropping a hard drive causes serious damage to the drive and can even make data recovery impossible.

Drives was dropped off for a free diagnostic and by just listing to the WD drive spinning up we got the feeling this one needs head replacement right since it wasn’t a disk level problem or a mainboard problem we had to open the drive for further investigation. Bad news for the customer his heads crashed and needed replacements. The price for heads replacements is much more expensive than a disk or mainboard problem and we had to quote him £350 + Vat. The customer needed his data back as soon as possible and we had an all-night office session for him to swap heads and starting the data recovery process for him. As always there is no guarantee that data can be retrieved with a heads replacement. Scratches to the drive can make data recovery sometimes impossible but we were able to get more than 90% of his data back. I cannot recommend dropping a hard drive since the cost can be very expensive to do so. At this occasion we had to charge about £400 due to the fact he needed his data back within 24 hours. Job done customer happy.

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