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Western Digital 1TB external hard drive my passport ultra Recovered

nother sick patient that came in this week with problems was a Western Digital 1 Terabyte external hard drive from the “ My Passport Ultra “ series.  This model specifically uses hardware encryption by default which adds to the already complicated process of getting hard drive data recovered.

Western Digital removed the SATA interface with a custom PCB – USB – Encryption converter. They are tough ones. Why are they harder to get your data off? Because they use encryption. Even if you get the data off the need the encryption ship transferred over to the new drive to have any hope to get the job done. This can become very pricy since we need a donor drive, a blank pcb mainboard with sata interface + we have to transfer the encryption ship over. It took about 2 days and we got about 96% of the data back but need 2 donor drive since the original heads were in a really bad shape.

Cost came in at around £490 + VAT and all done in 3 days. Viable business documents where on this drive with no backup at all so the money spend was worth the data that came off it for a business. All our data recovery services are done are done in-house and you can find us in the United Kingdom, Belfast 117 Ormeau Road BT7 1SH. We offer a 24/7 service and free diagnostic on site. I don’t charge for looking at your drive and give you a written fixed price quote. Western Digital drives we seem to get more and more in specialty blue ones but as a general advice from us in our opinion do not use hardware encryption on usb or hard drives. Rather use your operating system to encrypted folders. I am not a huge fan of encrypting a whole hard drive either. If they become corrupted they quite tough to recover.

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