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WD Western Digital My Passport

This week we had in our United Kingdom Belfast Data Recovery office a 500GB my passport hard drive that stopped working. As soon as it got in we removed the outside casing to inspect the drive close. We noticed several clicking sounds when the wd hard drive was spinning up. Normally that means we have to deal with an expensive repair because we have to replace the reading heads to regain access to the drive. But our hope was to get the drive imaged without open it to keep costs lower. Unfortunately, the imager was not able to gain any access to the hard drive and we had to swap the heads. The western digital my passport drives are quit common and we have donor drives in stock. We work on Sundays and found that customers are much more relaxed to bring in the broken drives. A head replacement is a tricky surgery and until the hard drive hasn’t been inspected internally it is hard to estimate how much data can be recovered. Everything went well on this one during the head transfer and soon the hard drive started responding well to the after-image process.

Just a couple bad sectors from dropping the western digital my passport but nothing that cause a major problem. After about 2 hours all data was recovered in house and we could advise the customer 4 hours after he dropped it to our data recovery office in Untied Kingdom, Belfast  117 Ormeau Road that we were successful to recover 99% of his valuable business documents and pictures. If you are in  a similar situation call us anytime and we try our best to get your data back. 

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