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WD Caviar Blue 500GB SATA III PCB Problem

Last week in January 2017 we had a western digital hard drive in that had problems with a burnt out  mainboard or also PCB called. Investigation revealed corrosion on the mainboard and burnt out fuse. Whenever the drive was plugged straight into a computer it crashed straight away. We used  DDI and PC-3000 hardware that allow to plug in a drive without causing an overload or damage to a computer or the actual hardware. Final test results where a burnt out pcb and we quoted £280 + Vat to have it replaced.

A lot of comments on the internet simply suggest to buy the exact same hard drive and swap the mainboard. It simple doesn’t work on newer hard drives or the last 8- 10 years.

You pretty much need the same PCB and revision. After that you have to transfer the bios rom chip from the old PCB to the new one.In case of the WD Caviar 500GB there was no BIOS ROM chip to transfer and the actual bios is part of a separate CPU setup. To clone the chip and write it you need very special expensive hardware in form of a PC-3000 system which cost easily over £5000 to allow to copy the information over to the new PCB. That’s why the price went up to £280 + VAT. The PCB you may get of eBay for £25 if you are lucky finding the correct revision but without a rom transfer (soldering) or re write is completely useless. The drive spins up but probably keeps clicking as it cannot find the service area information saved in the ROM.

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