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Toshiba DVR HDD & Video Recorder RD88DT Data Recovery

Today we had a Toshiba RD88DT Freeview+ 160GB Hard Drive DVD Recorder in for a Data Recovery job. The 160GB Seagate Hard Drive failed completely but it contained a lot of family videos that needed a professional data recovery job done to get them back. The drive was about 10 years old with an IDE interface. We still get those hard drives in mostly from CCTV systems and they pretty much work like a modern hard drive. This Seagate hard drive was fitted to the Toshiba RD88DT Freeview+ 160GB Hard Drive DVD Recorder and had a lot of bad sectors. They are normal and expected on an old hard drive but they also prevent you from accessing the hard drive in an external enclosure. It took our imaging machine about 2 hours to read through it and make a good clone. A total of 65 home videos were recovered and the customer was very satisfied with the results.

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