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Server Raid system Failed

We had a client arrive into NicoGroup, United Kingdom Belfast, to use our Sata RAID recovery service after having an unfortunate accident with their server. Their IT technician noticed that a single Maxtor hard drive in the server had failed and intended to remove and replace it. However, they accidentally pulled out one of the two remaining healthy hard drives instead crashing the server. Putting the removed drive back in wouldn’t bring the server back but the data recover experts could recover all their data. Recovering data form RAID array involves taking the most up to date hard drives and using custom RAID controller emulation to string them back together. In this case the client had three hard drives. Our engineers would analyse them and make whatever repairs necessary. One of the three hard drives had developed bad sectors preventing a full recovery. Only 99.8% of the drive could be read, the remaining two drives were relatively healthy and 100% of the data was recovered. Our data recovery engineer was able to reconstruct the entire RAID 5 array and all the data on it resulting with the 100% of the client’s files fully recovered and fully functional. Please keep in mind that Raid system require a lot of work and time and the cost charged were over £650. A same day service was chosen to retrieve the data as quick as possible.

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