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Seagate Barracuda hard drive failure

This week we had an external Seagate 3 Terabyte Barracuda in our Untied Kingdom Belfast based office with clicking sounds and not showing up in Windows. We had the heads replaced with a donor hard drive and could recover about 98% of all data or a total of 1.8T of pictures, music and unforgettable family memories. Head Replacements can be tricky but we got by now a good track record of getting data of them. Turnaround time was about 4 days and the total cost was £420 + VAT which included a replacement drive and payment by credit card on site. Once again I can only urge people to make backups and more importantly test the backups on a regular base. Hard Drive Data recovery is expensive and sometimes it is simply not possible to recover any data at all. We use all the time the best tools on the market such as DeepSpar imaging and PC-3000 but again there is no guarantee to get any data off the drive.

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