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Seagate 2TB | USB Expansion External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data recovery Seagate 2tb USB expansion storage harddrive. Did your Seagate 2TB expansion harddrive just fail on you? Not being recognized or worst it doesn’t show any signs of life? You need a professional Data Recovery Service to get your Data back. We had the pleasure to get one in this week from a Belfast School. The Seagate 2tb USB expansion storage harddrive was not being recognized and made clicking sounds when it spun up. Clicking sounds can have many reason from Firmware issues ( well known ) to accidental dropping the harddrive that might cause damage to the plates or reading heads. In this case the drive was dropped and the Expansions reading heads were damaged. We had to open the drive in our clean room and replace the heads. Head Replacement on a Seagate 2tb USB expansion storage harddrive is not an easy job a computer repair job can manage and it comes at a cost as well. Seagate Head replacements can cost from £250 – £400 pounds depending on the Seagate Expansion Storage Modell. It took as a good working Seagate donor and 2 hours in the clean room to get the Seagate 2tb USB expansion storage harddrive reading data again. They seem to be very picky about donor heads and this job is very time consuming as well. If there are damages to the magnetic plates as well even more time is required. On this one the head replacement worked very well and the harddrive became stable after long enough to get all data of it. There were a couple bad areas with bad sectors from the impact after the drop but nothing that caused problems to get the data off it.

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