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Sandisk 8GB USB Memory Stick Data recovery

This week we were working on a damaged usb flash pen drive. The usb stick was connected to a laptop which was dropped and caused damaged to the connectors. A usb data recovery job was required to give this teacher his valuable data back as soon as possible and fast. The outer casing was removed and the usb connector was half ripped through. The good news we had was that there was no damaged to the actual memory chip and controller. In those cases, we can bypass the connector via a cable and get the data off at reasonable costs.

This Sandisk USB pen drive had no direct solder points and used copper pads which were badly damaged a no use for us anymore at all. We had to work out the schematics of the usb stick to have any hope of data recovery on this. A couple wires added under a microscope to the controller with some experience and the old connector temporarily utilised we had full access to the drive after about 1 hour. Since the damage was physically we didn’t expect any problems copying data of it. The data transfer went well and 10 minutes later the data was save on our server. Customer received a follow up call and was very happy with the results we did in such a short time and we stayed on budget. The SanDisk usb pen drive was dropped off Friday evening and data recovered before lunch time on Saturday for under £150.

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