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Macbook Pro Touch Bar soldered SSD and T2

Years of research and know-how allows us to still gain access to the soldered MacBook Pro SSD even with a T” chip in place.  While it appears Apple itself is unable to recover data from failed 2018,2019,2020 Apple MacBook Pros we can do that for you. The easiest way to find if we can help you is to talk with one of our Techies today. Please have your Macbook serial number ready when you call, chat or email us. Did you know we answer most emails in under 10 minutes and can advise further? Due to the complexity of working on failed Macbooks pros with T2 chips and soldered SSD’ on the mainboard the cost would be much higher than a more simple job like an external hard drive or SSD which can be removed.

Most of the MacBook’s we got in for Data Recovery is either damaged mainboards to burned up components on the board, caused by liquid damage or being dropped by accident. Not every Macbook Pro with soldered SSD and T2 chip we can access the data but have a current success rate of 81%. A 100% or 99% success rate on such MacBook’s is simply not possible due to the complexity of the work involved.

We offer our Data Recovery Service for Apple Macbook Pro Touch bar with soldered SSD and T2 chip as a walk-in service or Apple Data Recovery Mail-in service. There are only a few companies in the world who can perform such work and Apple for sure is not one of them and the local repair shop might not be up for that task either. You need some highly trained and motivated Techies with years of experience and love for what they do to get your important data back from a failed Apple Macbook Pro Touch bar with soldered SSD and T2 chip.

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