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MacBook 2012 Hard Drive Recovery

This week we had a MacBook Pro 2012 Modell coming in for data recovery to our office in the United Kingdom, Belfast, 117 Ormeau Road. The solid state drive failed on it and critical business data was saved on it. The customer requested an emergency data recovery service which we offer. Please keep in mind that such a service is not cheap but if there is a deadline on projects it might be worth it. We try to keep the costs as reasonable as possible and fix it the same day. Solid state drives sometimes called SSD drives can be very tricky to recover when they fail compared to a magnetic hard drive. We have all the latest tools available from DeepSpar and ACE labs that make a recovery a high success rate. The MacBook 2012 model had a 256GB SSD drive fitted which we took out and we were able to recover 100% of the customer’s data. Most replacement parts we have in stock and new genuine apple SSD drive was fitted after we copied all the recovered data onto it.

The MacBook data recovery took in total 4 hours from the point of dropping it off to our data recovery office on Ormeau Road in Belfast to having it ready for collection. Now you probably ask yourself how much does such a service can cost you. First of all keep in mind we do more than simple just recovering data from the MacBook.

We offer a full service from removing the drive, professionally data recovery and fitting a new drive including data transfer. If you go to an authorized repair shop they rarely copy your data back and most of the time advise you to make backups with time machines. Keep in mind even if you have a time machine backup you need to test it. Time machine backups can become corrupted and the only way to test it is to do a fresh OS X installation and use a backup. Sometimes during the backup, you get an unknown error from the backup itself. At that stage it is bad for you. Only a tested time machine backup is a proper backup. The cost came in at about £500 for the data recovery and a brand new Apple SSD Drive.  

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