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Lost all your Data on your failed SSD ( Solid State Drive )?

If anyone can fix, repair and Data Recover your SSD drive, it’s us.

That’s why our SSD data recovery process is straightforward and transparent, and we’ll keep you up to date every step of the way.

We’ll collect your SSD and perform an evaluation, free of charge

SSD Data recovery for single SSD drives start from £395 + VAT, The final price will be determined at the end of the evaluation, according to the complexity of the SSD Data Recovery work involved and the urgency required.

SSD data recovery requires special knowledge to avoid further damage and data loss. Our experienced data techie engineers have proven experience in recovering from all types of data loss on SSDs.

Some of the most common failures on SSD drives are electronic failure, cpu / controller failure. Nand flash degradation, firmware damage or corruption, SSD translator damage which will prevent any user data from access. We strongly advise against free and do it yourself recovery software applications and use of Apples disk utilities as they can easily worsen an already difficult problem and damage even further your data.

Most of these data recovery tools, if they ever on your SSD work at all, are only offering basic data remedy for low value consumer data mainly by attempting to recreate the file system which eventually significantly reduces the chances of recovering your precious files. Such software cannot access SSD’s that are not showing up in Windows Disk Manager or Apples Disk Utilities tools. Let SSD Data Pro’s handle this.

From you contacting us to initial SSD Data Recovery consultation to ongoing support, we help businesses and consumers in any SSD data loss situation – from simple SSD pcb failures to the most complex and catastrophic SSD Data Recoveries.

Sandisk SSD Plus issues:very common nand degradation on these models, firmware cant be accessed. Not great to recover as 50% of cases have damage to files and filesystem
WD Blue SSD:Nand degradation leading to bad blocks and freezing controller. Recovery chances are good.
Kingston SSDNow A400 issuesbad sectors, Recovery chances are good for Data Recovery
PNY SSDcontroller issues, controller freezing, nand issues. Good chances of Data access
Samsung QVC SSDNand is not the best quality and can cause bad blocks / sectors. Confidence for recovery is good
Samsung EVO SSDVery rock solid SSD drive if failed it will be a headache to recover data from it, most common issues are faulty pcb’s and smc’s
Adata SSD RecoveryOEM SSD with SMI controller, firmware gets locked out, controller freezing, no user data access
Crucial SSD RecoveryNand degradation very common , Firmware failure due to Nand failure
Crucial P2 RecoveryNand degradation very common , Firmware failure due to Nand failure

As with any SSD Data recovery it won’t be easy. SSD drives fail and 20% of all failed SSD cannot be recovered due to Nand degradation or inaccessible Firmware bypasses. It takes time, theses days you can spend days to weeks to recover data from a failed SSD drive. The last SSD we had in was a 512GB Apple branded Samsung Nvme SSD. It took 21 days to recovery the drive with 100% success but I had my doubts this could be done, from pcb issues, to damaged controller to damaged APFS file system it was one of the most challenging Data Recoveries ever.

Our SSD Data Recovery is offered worldwide. Time is crucial for you and the SSD data recovery and most people choose to use our 24 hour world wide UPS shipping option. We can have you faulty SSD collected the same day and working on it the next day. There is a very good chance you wont find a specialist SSD data recovery business around the corner and our recovery techies are the solution. We had jobs from Spain, USA, Portugal, Italy, Sweden and Germany posted over the years and it will be always very hard to find a specialist near you so postage is the best option.

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