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Laptop won’t boot anymore. Total Hard Drive failure and no backups

We had a client in our United Kingdom Belfast office whose laptop would not boot up. When they turned on their computer their laptop would simply show a boot error message. When the hard drive was removed, there was a very obvious clicking sound. When a hard drive clicks it usually means something is wrong with its insides. When your hard drive suffers this kind of failure you only have one option available if you wish to get your data back. You must bring it to a professional data recovery company. Do it yourself online videos and using a friend who may be good with computers can make the problem worse. professional data recovery companied have the necessary equipment to retrieve lost data. When you hear, the clicking sound it usually means that the read/write heads cannot read data. In this case the read/write heads haven’t died yet although their performance had degraded and a portion of the client hard drives firmware had become corrupted. After fixing the firmware bug that made the drive start clicking we began the data recovery process and recovered 100% of our clients data with no corruption affecting any of those important files and documents.

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