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Hitachi 750GB Full Head Crash Data Recovery

When a Hitachi Hard Drive containing valuable data no longer responds, the business last hope is to send the drive to a data recovery company that specializes in drive hardware failures. We get a lot of them and on some the success rate is very high. There is a general perception that our data recovery business has “magic machines” for retrieving data in almost any situation. We have the best machines that money can buy but the reality is less glamorous. Our most sophisticated, commercially successful recovery techniques involve careful part-replacement, in a cleanroom environment, of the heads, the electronics board, and/or the drive’s firmware and parameter tables. Part-replacement has historically been successful for data recovery about 40 to 60% of the time. Claimed UK data recovery success rates are much higher. While they may, in fact, approach 100% for some drive models, for other models such as Seagate Barracudas 2TB & 3TB and failure modes the success rate is near zero. Hard Drive Independent Data Recovery methods are needed now to read these drives. Furthermore, as the data density of hard disk drives continues to increase the number of unrecoverable drives is expected to grow. We try our best to get your data back but there are cases such as this HGST Hitachi Hard Disk Drive 750GB you can see in the video below where damage is so bad that nothing can be done about it. If you drop your hard disk drive. Don’t try to spin it up or let it run. It can make a tough data recovery job even impossible. Most of the time we get users in who tried some sort of software solution or gave it to a local computer shop. It might work but in most cases, it doesn’t and we end up with the hard drive in an even worst shape. There has been no documented case that a freezer could fix your hard drive. Apart from causing damage to the drive and corrosions it is not going to solve your problem and doubles the cost of a data recovery job. That’s why our prices start at £120 but can go up to £400 if you put it in a freezer before you brought us your hard drive. If you have more questions feel free to call us. We only employee technicians and no sales people

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