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HGST Data Recovery | Clicking Sound | Full Head Crash | Damage to Plates

This 1TB HGST 2.5 5K1000 Hard Drive came to our office in Belfast for our UK Wide Data Recovery Services. It was used in a Laptop that was dropped from about 1 meter height. We took it to our clean room for further investigation since it made bad clicking sounds. Once open we noticed a deep scratch in the middle of the plate. Bad enough under the microscope we noticed

further scratches on the outside as well. Scratches in SA Areas are really bad and Data Recovery in that case is simple not possible anymore. There are many cases where we can recover Data from Hard Drive but on this one we had to pass. Swapping heads wouldn’t make a difference and such physical damages cannot be addressed. Be careful with any of your hard drives and please do not drop your Laptop. But than again every Data Recovery job is different and a dropped hard drive can be recovered in certain circumstances. Did you drop your Hard Drive? Feel free to contact Nico for a chat about Data Recovery, what can be done and how much it can cost. We never charged for just looking at a Hard Drive and we are always happy to give some free advice as well.

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