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A business customer approached us and needed help with his old computer. It crashed several years ago and was replaced with a new computer. The computer was stored in an attic space but recently the customer was in dispute with an old business partner. He needed evidence in court to proof agreements that he had with his business partner. Forensic PC evidence in that case would come from emails on the computer.

Since the computer crashed and had a faulty hard drive we had to perform a Data recovery job and forensic analyses of the corrupted outlook data base. To ensure that data doesn’t get any further degraded or corrupted or first step would always be to clone the hard disk drive first and our forensic team would never perform any work on the original device. In his case we were able to recover all data and repair the damage to the corrupted outlook file including all deleted emails. You never know when you need your old computer data and we can help to get it back to you.

Our other forensic data recovery job came from and employer who suspected an employee of misusing his work PC. He needed proof and all data recovered that was put on the work PC from the employee. In both cases all hard drives were imaged before any forensic data analysis was performed. Most likely both forensic data recovery jobs would end up in court. We provide detailed documentation with each forensic data job that can be used in court. A bonus is also that the original data was never touched on the hard disk drive and can be handed over to the defence for their own investigation. All imaging is done by the best hardware tools on the market and those machines are set to read only. There is no chance that we would ever deleted your data by accident. From emails to pictures to Web browsers history and more we get the job done on time with a professional forensic approach.

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