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You have made an excellent choice visiting our website for our digital data eforensic services. We can help you with any type of digital forensic services. The simplest way to find out if we can help you is to call us and speak to Nico Albrecht, our knowledgeable chief technology officer and director from Germany.

Welcome to our Digital Computer eForensic Service. Belfast, Northern Ireland based lab.
NicoGroup Data Recovery and Forensics offer Computer Forensics Services for Legal, Businesses and Private individuals in Northern Ireland.
Digital forensics is the application of scientific methodology to computer media to establish factual information or provide expert opinion for legal proceedings. The terms ‘computer forensics’ and ‘digital forensics’ can be used interchangeably.

You can reach Nico on 028 9543 8520 or 079 3818 2909 anytime of the day. Whenever you call, we promise to listen to your problem or case provide honest advice and keep it simply. Digital forensics is a complicated field with all different type of work required to get results. Most of our current jobs include employee data theft investigations, mobile phone investigation to CCTV footage reconstruction and ransomware infections.
Analysis of digital data, providing easy to understand reports for you and provide expert opinion in court if required for solicitors in Northern Ireland. We can provide many digital investigations for you but the easiest way to find out is to give us a call now.

Our core eForensic Services

Forensic Data Recovery

  • The imaging or acquisition of the computer media (collecting the data)
  • Examining the data (generally using specialist forensic software)
  • Analysis of the data
  • Compiling a report, statement or letter of findings
  • Providing expert witness testimony.

Mobile Device Forensics

  • The acquisition of the mobile phone or tablet  (collecting the data)
  • Examining the data (generally using specialist forensic software)
  • Analysis of the mobile device data
  • Compiling a report, statement or letter of findings
  • Providing expert witness testimony.

Incident Response / On-Site Data Collection

  • Indecent images of children and child abuse investigations
  • Murder, Police and terrorism investigations
  • Political corruption and immigration investigations
  • Trading standards investigations
  • Providing expert witness testimony.

NicoGroup Forensics undertakes work for both defense (including Legal Aid Agency funded cases) and prosecution clients and take instruction in civil proceedings.

We can help with employee data theft investigation or employee business equipment use such as laptops and mobiles.
We got out of the box thinking for even the most difficult data forensic jobs and can provide expert witness reports.
Your business got hit by ransomware attacks and can’t access your server data anymore. Very difficult but we helped businesses over the years.
Expert witness
We spend many hours in the Belfast court providing expert witness reports and answer any questions. We like to keep reports simple.
solicitor or barrister in Northern Ireland
You are a solicitor or barrister in Northern Ireland and need help for your client or received a report and need a second opinion.
Expert witness report
We provide expert witness reports for the courts and digital forensic expert witness statements. From damaged files to digital theft we support any investigation. 

Your Problem could be:

Are you a business in Northern Ireland that needs help with business data theft? Maybe you want to know what your employees were searching for on the internet or downloading during business hours on your business laptops or pc’s. Are you concerned that they might have stolen your business’ intellectual property (IP), taking it to your competitors?

Are you concerned that your business’ (IP) or customer data (database) has been stolen or compromised by one of your employees and you need help to recover evidence?

Do you suspect an employee has deleted data or is involved in any criminal activity using your business equipment?

We can help your business to find out what happened and can even provide you with an expert witness report or attend the court as expert witness.

Maybe your problem is of a different nature, and you need further advice or information on how to proceed. In such a case feel free to contact us by email or phone today.

Why us?

NicoGroup’s Data Recovery owner and chief technology officer is going to provide you with digital forensic services in Northern Ireland that acquire, search, analyse, store and share digital evidence found inside computer and mobile devices, RAM and cloud. Our own toolkit solution will quickly extract digital evidence from multiple sources by analysing hard drives, forensic drive images, cloud, memory dumps, iOS, Blackberry and Android backups, GrayKey, UFED, OFB, Elcomsoft, JTAG and chip-off dumps into easy to understand reports. Our service is completely confidential and Nico the owner will explain each step of the process in a clear and easy to understand way.

Who would use our services?

We work mostly for solicitors and business owners in Northern Ireland, providing a service that helps them to take their cases further. It is not uncommon nowadays that disgruntled employees could steal your business data, and might even offer it to a competitor of yours. Only we can provide the solid evidence required to take legal action, by way of forensic data recovery to prove any wrongdoing.

How much does our service cost?

It is very difficult to estimate the cost for such a report as it depends on how much data you would need to be recovered, and if you plan to use it in court at a later stage. But as an example, to recover an employee’s browsing history that has been deleted, or browsing that has been completed in private mode, you can expect at least 2 days’ work for the analysis and report. This will cost approximately £1200 + VAT.


Founded in 2012, NicoGroup Data Recovery is a leader in digital forensics in Northern Ireland, known for sound and comprehensive forensic background and tools that will get you the results you want. With a team of professionals in digital forensics, data recovery and reverse engineering, NicoGroup Data Recovery delivers an outcomes-focused service, driven by excellence. Our service allows for a convenient, effective and value for money solution to all your forensic data recovery needs. Past customers have included law enforcement, military and private and business customers.

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