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Dell Vostro HGST 500GB Hard Drive | Dropped Laptop

We got a Dell Vostro Laptop in this week that was accidental dropped while the customer was working on a dissertation. You can image that losing your dissertation with a 2 day deadline and no backup in place you would panic as well. The Laptop was brought to a local Computer repair shop who tried to take out the drive for a software based data recovery job. The drive was clicking and they couldn’t perform any data recovery job at all. Handing a Computer Shop the Hard Drive over to do so can reduce the chances to get any data of for any Data

Recovery business. The Dell Vostro came to us and it showed signs off clicking sounds which would be expected by a drop of the drive. The customer was advised that a head replacement would be needed which can cost in excess of £300. But before we go into surgery we try all options before that to keep the cost as low as possible. Our DeepSpar imager (hardware based data recovery tool) was able to gain access to the HGST 500GB hard drive and data was accessible to us. All Data, mostly files on Desktop, Documents, Pictures were safely copied

over. This HGST had 2 reading heads and it seemed that one was either hitting bad sectors or got damaged. Head 1 was reading fine at 70mb/s and Head 0 was going up and down but sturdy at 10mb/s. All data the customer needed which was about 32GB was extracted without even open the hard drive for Data Recovery at a cost of about £150.

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