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Dell Poweredge T110 Raid failure

This was one of our last data recovery cases for 2016. A Dell Poweredge T110 Raid failure caused the whole Windows Server 2008 to crash. Customer called us and within 1 hour a mobile technician was on site with DeepSpar finest mobile tools on the market.

2 Drives failed out of 4 in a Raid 5 configuration. All drives where imaged on site and taken to our Belfast office on 117 Ormeau Road to rebuiltd the Raid system with special software.

We used a virtual enviroment to rebuilt the raid and recover the data in under 24 hours for the customer. Due to the default raid controller used by Dell that received many complains it took a while to rebuilt the raid array.

Customer was very happy and the cost for the data recovery on that system came in at around £750 + VAT at a fixed price with 85% of total data recovered and 100% of data recovered that was needed by the customer.

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