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Cyber IT Secure Security Training for Employees | Cyber Data Security awareness Service for businesses in Northern Ireland.

Are you worried about cybersecurity IT for you business that can lead to expensive data breaches, business production downtime? Little awareness about cybersecurity for employees can lead to crippling your business and expensive recovery costs.

My name is Nico Albrecht, I am the leading expert in Northern Ireland on Data Forensics, Ransomware attacks, Business Data Storage Solutions and Cyber IT Solutions. I work daily on cases that include hacked business servers, failed Raid business servers, including VM’s and computers that had data breaches. All of them are caused by a lack of hardware understanding, unaware employees or simple misconfigurations of internet security systems such as anti-virus software. Data Breaches from hacked CCTV System and Network printers is getting more common gaining access to your business.

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