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Compaq CQ58 Hard Drive Data Recovery

I am not a huge fan of the Compaq CQ58 laptops. They seem to be slow and running quite hot. Regardless of that we had this one in for a data recovery for photos and exam work. Red wine was spilled on it and. We did a hard drive recovery on it. The HGST drive seemed quite unimpressed with the red wine and I could start the image process right away. 2 hours later we got a good image with all data folder structure intact and where waiting on the customer to get back to us for further information what photos and word files he would need right away to get his exam work going. We are only 1km away from Queens University Belfast United Kingdom and we get a lot of students in asking ask to recover their deleted files or of them a data recovery service with special student discounts in Belfast United Kingdom. Customer decided to buy a new laptop and got it shipped to us. As soon as his new laptop arrived we started to transfer from his old drive all pictures, photos, word and pdf files. On this one we got 100% data recovery success and could provide the customer in under 2 hours his exam Microsoft office files back via our cloud service. The bill on this one came in at around £120 for the hard drive recovery and the file transfer service.

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