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Blast from the past IDE hard drive Data Recovery.

Blast from the past IDE drive. Western Digital 250GB IDE used in a CCTV system for more than 10 years came to our office on 117 Ormeau Road, United Kingdom, Belfast after it failed for a data recovery. CCTV footage recovery can be tricky since most recording devices uses their own raw format and even if we get the raw data back we need to apply the device specific video codec from the recording device to make usable video files out of it. IDE is a quote old standard but we keep those adapters in stock. Some newer CCTV recording devices encrypted the hard drive as well which adds another layer of labour time and cost to is. I only recommend to read the full instruction and choose carefully a system. The cheaper ones are great and good value for money but if they fail it is very costly to recover data. In the case of a Western Digital 250GB IDE used in a CCTV system the drive developed bad sectors and was degrading. !0 years is a very long time for a hard drive. Total cost of data recovery from the hard drive in our Belfast came in at about £190 + VAT. The raw file format caused the biggest problem and several hours of work to get any usable video streams of it.

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