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Apple iMac Seagate 7200.12 Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

Another Apple iMac data recovery job we had to perform this week. iMacs starting to come in with failed hard disk drives after a couple of years when they come near their life expectancy or there was on accidental damage. We offer Data Recovery for all types of Apple devices such as MacBook’s, iMacs and Mac minis in the United Kingdom.  The hard drive was posted to us by Royal Mail and was already taken out by an Apple Repair Centre. They could replace the hard disk drive but were not able to gain access to any data on the old iMac hard disk drive. The hard disk drive we received for data recovery was from Seagate. A 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 Model to be exactly.  The hard disk drive was clicking and very slow responding. After our first attempt to extract data we noticed a lot of red none readable sectors on the hard drive which you can see in the first picture. It indicates that there are problems with the Seagate 7200.12 reading heads. Unfortunately, that means we have to use new reading heads from a suitable donor to get the data recovery going and clean room work. Any further attempt to read from the drive might cause permanent damage to the Seagate hard disk drive. In the 3rd picture we mounted the drive and a suitable donor in our clean room and performed a head replacement. It might look simple and YouTube videos suggest that it can be done at home but a success is very unlikely for end-user. Please do not put a hard disk drive into a freezer either. Most hard drive have mechanical disk problems that a fridge cannot fix and it makes a Data Recovery even more complicated and might cause condensation on the Seagate drive.

After the reading heads where replaced on the Seagate 7200.12 hard disk drive the reading and imaging was stable. You can see in the middle pictures green sectors being read which is a very good sign, Yellow and Red is bad – green is the colour to go and what you need to insure data can be recovered. We use DeepSpar Disk imaging tools which is one of the best companies to get such a Data Recovery job done. In this case and with new reading heads we were able to recover 99.9533 percent of all data. Head replacements on a hard disk drive can be challenging, time consuming and cost more. Expect to pay around £350 + VAT for such a Data Recovery job.

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