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16GB Sandisk USB Stick & Pen Drive – Dongle Data Recovery

How much Data can you fit on a modern usb pen drive or dongle? Quite a lot you can save easily 1000’s of pages and hundreds of pictures on them very easy and fast. And that’s where the danger starts with usb pen drives. They can become corrupted every easy or can become accidentally deleted. We get more than 20 usb pen drives in to our Belfast Repair facility every week.  At that stage I strongly recommend to contact us for some free advice. The more you try to recover data yourself the less the chances are that we can recover your photos and documents from your dongle. Rest be assured that putting your usb dongle in a fridge or give it a special heat treatment in your oven won’t work. I call that uncontrolled conditions that makes things worse and not better.  

But let’s talk about the SanDisk usb pen drive that came in this week. About 3 years old proudly owned by a Belfast Queens University Master degree student having his dissertation on it. Let’s say the most important document was a 220-page dissertation word file. The usb pen drive was not detected anymore by his Apple MacBook or his friends Windows 10 running laptop. We booked him in and most of the time we see broken connectors on them which we can simple micro solder or bypass with a cable. We checked under the microscope but no damage was found. Regardless of that we replaced the connector but still no luck. The usb pen drive was not detected or recognized at all. At that stage a normal computer repair shop gives up and declares it dead. Not with us we just warm up to get all your data recovered from a usb stick.  Keep in mind that smaller shops simply do not have the hard ware or training when it comes to flash drives data recovery in Belfast. The SanDisk usb pen drive stick is made out of 2 very important parts. The controller and the actual memory chip. You need both working together or your data is completely useless. Find a donor usb stick is neatly impossible since most usb sticks come from small batches with whatever the market has to over. Branded usb sticks are better but the problem is still out there that you need the exact controller to make it work. We have invested in a lot of hardware to read out the memory chips directly and employing a virtual controller with it. Carefully we took the tsop48 memory chip of the usb stick and put it in a special machine to read the data directly of the chip without the need of the controller. Once we had the tsop48 in our machine we got the first sign of life from the chip. It greeted us with its chip id. At that stage we know we can get you data back. We dumped all the data from the chip onto a hard drive and used a special forensic software to reconstruct the data pages. Dumping the full memory into a bin file took about 60 minutes and using forensic software another 2 hours to fully reconstruct all data with a 98% integrity. For a memory dumb those numbers are excellent. Keep in mind that such a service is not cheap either since very expensive forensic software and hardware is being used to get the data back. We love to help students and offered a generous student discount for him in Belfast United Kingdom.

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